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Small microwave thawing machine for citrus

2019-07-25 17:21:20
Small microwave thawing machine for citrus

China is rich in citrus species and large yield, but because of its strong seasonality and impatience for storage and transportation, especially wide-skinned citrus, most of them are medium-maturing varieties, which are concentrated on the market in a short period of time and oversupplied, resulting in great waste, which seriously restricts the development of citrus industry in China. Quick freezing technology will be an effective means to solve this problem, which can preserve the original flavor and nutritional components of broad-skinned citrus to the maximum and economically and effectively. The final quality of the quick-frozen product depends not only on the freezing technology but also on the thawing technology. Therefore, citrus small microwave thawing equipment is very necessary.

After natural thawing at regular temperature, many aldehydes, such as acetaldehyde compounds, will increase significantly, while ethyl butyrate will not be affected by thawing methods. The contents of anthocyanin, catechic acid and tannic acid in microwave thawing were higher than those in natural thawing at 20 ℃.

The advantages of a small microwave thawing machine for citrus:

1.Short thawing time of Citrus Microwave freezing machine

Small microwave thawing machine for citrus

There is a great difference in the thawing time of different thawing methods, and in general, the greater the temperature difference, the shorter the thawing time. Because refrigerator thawing and natural thawing mainly rely on air and citrus surface convective heat transfer and citrus surface steam solidification heat transfer, running water thawing and warm water thawing mainly rely on water and citrus surface convective heat transfer and citrus internal and external temperature difference heat transfer, and citrus small microwave freezer in addition to surface heat transfer, citrus water, protein, carbohydrates and other polar molecules have great absorption capacity to microwave.

2.Small Citrus Microwave thawing machine has little effect on reducing Sugar

There was no significant difference in the content of reducing sugar between fresh citrus and various thawing methods, but there was significant difference between microwave thawing and natural thawing, running water thawing and warm water thawing. The unfreezing of the refrigerator and the unfreezing of the citrus mini-type microwave thawing machine will increase the reducing sugar content of the citrus, and the natural unfreezing, the running of the running water and the unfreezing of the warm water can reduce the reducing sugar content.

3.Small microwave thawing machine of citrus has little effect on aroma.

After the thawing of the refrigerator, the natural thawing, the unfreezing of the running water, the unfreezing of the warm water, the main components of the aroma of the orange petal have changed obviously, and the effect of the unfreezing of the citrus unfreezing machine on the main components of the aroma is small. The reason may be that microwave thawing time is short and the thawing process is not in contact with water, which has little effect on flavor.

4. Improvement of titratable acid content by small microwave freezer in citrus

After thawing by different thawing methods, the titratable acid content of citrus was higher than that of fresh citrus, which may be caused by freezing process, but only the content of citrus thawed by small microwave thawing machine reached a significant level, the content increased by 9.52%, and there was no significant difference among the other thawing methods.

Compared with freezing technology, the development of thawing technology is slower and the related research is less, but the thawing method has a great influence on the quality of frozen orange leaves, and different methods have different effects on different physical and chemical indexes.Microwave thawing is a new type of high-efficiency thawing method, which has been applied to the thawing of quick-frozen fruits and vegetables. The thawing time of small microwave thawing machine of citrus was short, the loss rate of vc was low, and the titratable acid content was higher, but the effect on reducing sugar, soluble solid content, aroma and elasticity was not significant. Considering comprehensively, microwave thawing is an excellent thawing method suitable for quick-frozen mandarin. Small microwave defrosting machine and large microwave oven freezer promote the development of quick-frozen fruit industry.