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Continuous microwave thawing equipment

2019-07-25 17:10:10
Continuous microwave thawing equipment

Frozen food can inhibit the decomposition of food by most microorganisms, prevent food corruption and deterioration, and prevent physical and chemical changes in food, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term storage. Most frozen foods need to be thawed before they can be processed and eaten. Thawing is a time-consuming and laborious process for large frozen products. In industrial production, the appropriate thawing methods should be selected for different thawing objects, not only the thawing rate should be considered with the quality of thawed food, but also the yield, equipment, working environment and other factors should be considered.

The thawing method of the gigot microwave thawing device comprises the following steps:

①The microwave heating relies on the microwave to penetrate into the material, and is converted into thermal energy by the interaction of the polar molecules of the materials, so that the parts in the material are heated at the same instant to obtain the heat.

②Interaction with biologically active components(such as proteins and enzymes)or mixtures(such as bacteria, mold, etc.)in the material, so that their biological activity is suppressed or excited(depending on factors such as frequency and intensity of electromagnetic field, and the threshold of inactivation of material activity).

Advantages of continuous microwave thawing equipment for gigot:

1.The thawing speed of the continuous microwave thawing device of the gigot is high.

The microwave produced by the continuous microwave thawing equipment of gigot can be heated inside the sample in addition to the surface heat transfer. Many polar molecular components such as water, protein and glycogen in gigot have great absorption ability to microwave, so the continuous microwave thawing equipment of gigot thawed quickly.

Continuous microwave thawing equipment

The thawing time is too long, especially in the maximum ice melting zone, which is easy to cause protein denaturation, starch aging, lipid oxidation, large juice loss and accelerated microbial propagation, thus affecting the quality of sheep leg and causing spoilage. On the other hand, too long thawing time will also prolong the processing time of the product and reduce the production efficiency and plant utilization rate. Continuous microwave thawing equipment has outstanding advantages.


2.The content of reducing sugar of the unfrozen material of the continuous microwave thawing equipment of the gigot is high.

The non-thermal effect of the continuous microwave thawing equipment of the gigot can also promote the hydrolysis of the sugar to the glucose, so the reducing sugar content of the microwave thawing method is the highest. On the other hand, due to the long thawing time of the air thawing method, the partial reducing sugar in the sample is digested and utilized or converted into other substances due to the action of the bacteria and the enzyme, so that the content of the reducing sugar is reduced, the loss of the unfreezing juice of the air is more, and the sugar loss is more.

3.The gigots fresh degree of the sheep leg microwave thawing machine is high.

The air thawing time is long, and the bacteria are easy to propagate at room temperature.

In this way, due to the action of bacteria and enzymes, the protein in gigot is decomposed into some low-level small molecules such as ammonia, methylamine, dimethyl amine and so on. In contrast, the continuous microwave thawing equipment of gigot has a short time of thawing gigot, and has certain bactericidal effect, which promotes the inactivation of enzyme, so that the decomposition rate of protein is reduced and the freshness quality of gigot is higher.


From the point of view of thawing time and thawing quality, it is more suitable for sheep leg thawing equipment by continuous microwave thawing, and it also meets the needs of modern pipeline production line, and has guiding significance for the selection of thawing technology and equipment in actual production.

The application of microwave technology in food industry has become the development trend in the future, and microwave drying equipment is also widely praised. Due to the unique advantages of microwave food processing technology, it is more and more concerned by the world, it also indicates that the gigot continuous microwave thawing equipment is more attractive than traditional defrosting equipment.