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Microwave thawing equipment for meat

2019-07-25 16:46:44

At present, the meat used by meat processing enterprises can be divided into cold fresh meat, hot fresh meat and frozen meat. Frozen meat is hot fresh meat or cold fresh meat frozen to-18 ℃. Frozen meat has the advantages of long shelf life and easy transportation and preservation, and has been widely used in meat processing enterprises.

Principle of microwave thawing equipment for meat produced by leader microwave equipment company:

The meat microwave thawing equipment, similar to the industrial microwave 915 MHz, acts directly on the frozen meat. Under the action of the microwave field, the polar molecules generate heat by the alternating vibration friction of 915MHz per second, and the thawing purpose is achieved.

Microwave thawing equipment for meat

The microwave power and the transmission speed are adjusted, the calorie intake is controlled, the heat balance is achieved, and the target temperature is achieved. The microwave can penetrate the material within 18 cm. The absorption of the material to the microwave varies with the medium. The dielectric loss is large, the microwave is large, and the energy conversion is large. The heating rate of the material depends on the specific heat and the thermal conductivity. Ice has less medium loss than water. The ice's absorption of the microwave is much less than that of water. When microwave acts on ice-water mixture, water will strongly absorb microwave and heat up rapidly, resulting in local overheating, which must be avoided.

Benefits of meat microwave thawing equipment:

1. The meat microwave thawing equipment can reduce meat loss, reduce consumption and create benefit. The microwave is thawed to-2 ℃, the natural juice and protein of the blood water are not lost, the original taste of the meat is maintained, the weight is not reduced, and the color is not changed.

Compared with the traditional method, the meat microwave thawing machine reduces the meat loss by about 5%. 50 kg less than one ton. It's 500yuan per kilogram, or 500 yuan per kilogram. The meat microwave thawing equipment saves water. 

Microwave thawing equipment for meat

One ton of meat per ton of water is 12 yuan per ton. The cost of sewage treatment is RMB 3.5 per ton, which is RMB 21 per ton, and the cost is saved at 10 yuan per ton. The comprehensive cost of thawing a ton of meat with water is 543 yuan. The cost of microwave thawing equipment for meat is about the same as that of constant temperature control room. Meat microwave thawing equipment thawed 40 degrees per ton of meat, 40 yuan per degree, saving more than 500 yuan compared with water thawing. 

2. The thawing of the meat microwave thawing machine is fast and uniform, and the heat is generated at the same time. The unfreezing and the thawing over phenomenon are not generated. A standard block of 60 * 40 * 15 cubic centimeters, from-18℃ to-2 ℃for 2 to 3 minutes, and a speed of several hundred times.

3. Microwave meat thawing equipment to maintain nutrients, improve quality, no cross pollution. Do not package directly into the microwave, in dozens of seconds through the spoilage area, effectively control bacterial reproduction, maintain color, flavor, taste, shape and effective ingredients. Due to the biological effect of microwave has bactericidal effect, to ensure that protein amino acids, vitamins are not destroyed.

Microwave thawing equipment for meat

4. The meat microwave thawing device is safe and tidy, which is good for environmental protection. Microwave is controlled in stainless steel box. The special suppressor of microwave thawing machine ensures that microwave leakage is less than 5mw per cubic centimeter, no radioactive hazard, no waste water, waste gas, waste slag discharge, no waste heat and dust pollution, and improve production environment. 5. Compared with natural thawing method, microwave thawing equipment can save 90% space and area. Meat microwave thawing equipment power adjustable, temperature controllable, variable speed, controlled by the whole computer, automatic operation according to the set program, can be thawed with the use, easy to flow water operation.

6. The meat microwave thawing equipment has long service life and can be continuously produced. According to the maintenance of general mechanical and electrical products. The meat microwave thawing equipment is provided with a fault display system which is convenient to assemble and disassemble and replace components.

Compared with other thawing processes, microwave thawing has faster thawing speed and better thawing quality, which may be due to the fact that microwave thawing is heated at the same time and has little damage to cell tissue structure. Meat microwave thawing equipment is suitable for popularization and application, which has certain significance for meat thawing processing.